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Men's Ministry
June 17th
@ 10:00 am

This month the Ladies are fixing brunch for the men!!! After brunch the men will be watching the next episode in the series of “The Heavens Declare”. The experts explore how our moon is integral to our survival on earth and how it couldn’t have come about by natural processes.

Please join us, everything is FREE, and all are invited.

Our Wonderful Moon

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Women's Ministry
June 17th 
@ 10:00 am

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We always have a devotional and a small meal along with some type of activity.  This month’s activity is designing a T-Shirt. Please sign up for which T-shirt design you would like to make. Calvary will supply the vinyl designs for the craft. Please pay attention to the color of the vinyl used for each design, so you know what color T-shirt will work best.


Trusting God or Getting Antsy is the topic of our devotional. Psalm 119:105 is one of our key verses: “Your word is a lamp to my feet, a light on my path.” Like the oil lamps of the Old Testament time, God’s Word may light only a few feet of a path, illuminating the next few steps He wants you to take.  Yet often in life, we find ourselves demanding to see the destination.  Where are you taking me, Lord? We ask. God often lights just enough of the path for us to take the next few steps. We may not like it. We may want to know more. We may want to know all.  But God wants us to trust Him and His Word. When we, in faith, take those first steps, the light will move forward with us, and we’ll be able to see the next bit of path God wants us to follow.


All are welcome to this FREE ministry, please invite your friends!! We will have some extra supplies available for any last-minute arrivals.

 ~If you are a guest, please contact Kathy at 618-420-6420, and let her know which shirt you would like to make.

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Singspiration Sunday
In The Park
July 23rd @ 5pm

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The next “SINGSPIRATION SUNDAY” will be held at the Bicentennial Gazebo in Wilson Park. The Gazebo is located on the corner of State Street and 29th Street in Granite City.  Park benches are available, but you are more than welcome to bring your own lawn chairs and bug spray. There is plenty of parking space and public restrooms are close by. We are teaming up with other churches in the area and having a night of singing praises to our WONDERFUL LORD AND SAVIOR! Come and enjoy a night of music and fun! Hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be served. All are invited to this FREE event!

If you are interested in singing in the program, please contact Bother Wes Hahn at 618-877-0066, 1-660-359-7024, or

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